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Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

I like my sidewalks looking like it's July outside ... all year long. - Jim Davis

Minnesota winters are not known for moderate temperatures or minimal precipitation. On the contrary, snow, sub-zero conditions, ice and more snow are what we endure daily throughout the winter season. However, with Property Maintenance Co. just a phone call away, many of these winter burdens can be alleviated quickly and efficiently.

We toil tirelessly when it snows to make sure that your driveway and sidewalks are snow-free.  We make attractive, welcoming paths to your home. 

Snow plowing:

  • Snow will be plowed from parking areas, driveways and entrances curb to curb traditionally at the end of approximately 1.0" or greater of snowfall, which will then be salted.
  • Plowing will occur after business hours and before the next business day, conditions permitting.
  • Snow will be stored on-site. (Removal of snow from site is available for an additional charge.)
  • Highway salt is provided, when necessary, for an additional charge.

Snow shoveling and ice removal:

  • Any snow accumulations will be shoveled, blown, or scraped from walks, stoops, steps, building entrances, trash cans, dumpsters, mail boxes, fire hydrants, bus stops, benches, handicapped ramps and parking spaces, cross-walks, and out walks, etc., traditionally at the end of each snowfall.
  • Ice melting materials will be applied as needed, and reapplied, if necessary. PMC will scrape ice or freezing rain accumulations as necessary.
  • Snow will be stored on-site. (Removal of snow from site is available at extra charge.)
  • Post-snow emergency build-up will be cleared on return trip.

Why Choose Us?

  • We take pride in what we do
  • We promote nature’s beauty
  • We adopt new proven methods
  • My team is courteous & professional
  • I’m accessible via phone anytime
  • We get it done right the first time
  • I work with my staff - first-hand quality control
  • We’re old school about responsibility
  • Our priority is your satisfaction
  • We’re your personal grounds keepers