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Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

We don't just sharpen our lawn mower blades every spring. We sharpen them every morning. - Jim Davis

Spring is a time of new beginnings, but it can also reveal the ghosts of the winter past - sand accumulation, debris and remnants of leaves not raked the fall before. We begin with the restoration of order in your outdoor space, and follow on with any or all of the services required to maintain and enhance the beauty of your landscape throughout the forthcoming seasons. These include:

  • Power-raking, hand- raking, and/or power-sweeping turf as needed to remove debris, including sand accumulation from previous snow plowing.
  • Blowing, vacuuming, and/or hand-picking debris from shrubs, shrub beds, and trees.
  • Mechanical edging of concrete sidewalks, drives, and curbs.
  • Chemical edging of asphalt sidewalks, drives, and curbs.
  • Hand pruning of shrubs at the appropriate time of the year to promote a healthy, beautiful, and natural appearance.
  • Trimming of trees (under 20 feet tall) at the appropriate time of the year to produce a structurally healthy tree with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Our spring services set the stage for your lawn to truly stand out over the summer. With Property Maintenance Co., a little work in the spring will lead to beautiful results throughout the rest of the year. 

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