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Natural Sustainable Landscapes With Placement & Maintenance In Mind


Landscaping can turn an ordinary looking outdoor space into a work of art. - Jim Davis

Landscaping is defined as an activity that modifies the visual features of a specified outdoor environment. There are many aspects to landscaping, including the placement of shrubs, trees, annual and perennial flora, shredded mulch and rock. It requires a careful examination of the area that is to be landscaped and the creation of a plan that takes advantage of terrain shape, elevation and other natural elements in its design. One does not simply grab a shovel and start landscaping! Artistry in composition and expertise in execution are prerequisites for attaining a truly beautiful medium.

Landscaping opportunities vary according to the topography, climate and lighting at the site in question. Will certain plants thrive in the conditions that are present? Should they be started from seed or be inserted at some stage of maturity? What is the depth of the frost line? Is the soil of adequate quality or must it be replaced? How will rain water or runoff affect the space? Does the land need to be reshaped, added to, or cut away? These are all variables that the experts at Property Maintenance Co. will take into account when designing your landscaping project. We understand the environmental conditions in the St. Paul and Twin Cities region, and we are versed in the horticultural requirements of every possible project.

Not all land is fit for landscaping without first modifying or reshaping it to the desired template. You might be looking at a steep hill covered with grass, but envisioning a multi-tiered terrace defined by decorative rock interlaced with floral elements. Retaining walls are used to constrict soil between two different elevations, often in areas of terrain possessing slopes that would otherwise restrict horizontal exploitation of the space. Engineering your landscape may employ such retaining walls, utilize decorative rocks and edging to characterize the setting, and arrange pavers to provide access to various areas for maintenance or enjoyment.

We are your local landscaping experts in the St. Paul and Twin Cities areas. Having studied, observed and designed countless outdoor spaces, we bring knowledge and experience to the table. The design phase of any project is among the most essential and will ultimately determine whether the initial vision is realized or not. By the time our crew arrives to begin their work, every detail has been taken into consideration. The fundamentals of a successful landscaping project include an understanding of the site, an eye for aesthetics and proper equipment to get the job done right. These attributes are what make us the best choice for any landscaping project you can imagine, and what differentiate our business from all others.

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