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How We Work

How We Work

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter... there are no shortcuts. - Jim Davis

Maintaining a picturesque, vibrant landscape may not seem like rocket science, but our attention to detail is what sets us apart from many others in this trade. Edging the boundaries between foliage and pavement, for example, may be compared to getting a quality haircut. If your barber simply trims off some hair and calls it a day, you will likely seek out a different barber. Our attention to detail involves painstaking effort, exceptional precision and a singular goal – that is to provide our clients with a discernibly superior service that is evident from one look at your property. We are simply the best at what we do, and it shows!

But we're not for everyone. If you like fancy shapes carved into your hedge, we're not for you. If you're happy with a basic path cleared to your front door, we're not for you. Ditto for anyone wanting a quick landscaping job. No, we are meticulous in how we draw beauty out of your property - but that takes time. I've been successfully executing my proprietary property maintenance program for over 40 years now. So if you're a discerning homeowner who wants great-looking grounds, then yes, we most certainly are for you.  

Why Choose Us?

  • We take pride in what we do
  • We promote nature’s beauty
  • We adopt new proven methods
  • My team is courteous & professional
  • I’m accessible via phone anytime
  • We get it done right the first time
  • I work with my staff - first-hand quality control
  • We’re old school about responsibility
  • Our priority is your satisfaction
  • We’re your personal grounds keepers