Edging your yard is one of the services that a landscaper will offer. However, you may wonder why this is done and what the benefits of doing it are. Learning about the benefits will help you decide if it is something you want done to your yard or the yard of your rental home. Here are a few of the benefits of edging a yard.

Increases Curb Appeal

One of the benefits to edging a yard is that it increases the curb appeal of your home. An edged lawn has a clean, up kept appearance that makes your lawn look cared for and maintained. Curb appeal is especially important if you are looking to sell or rent your home. It creates a first impression for those who may be thinking about living there. If your home looks well cared for, they may fall in love with the outside of your home, which may flow to the inside. However, if the exterior isn't maintained, they may already have a negative opinion of the interior, or even walk away before they view it. Edging can help improve this opinion, and is a simple way to do so.

Decreases Trimming Time

Another benefit to edging your lawn is that it decreases the amount of time you will spend trimming your yard in the future. Edging isn't done every time your lawn is mowed. Depending on the type of grass you have, it may only need to be done once every few months. When done, you don't have to worry about trimming the edges of your yard, which can take the longest.

Provides a Root Barrier

The last benefit to edging your yard is edging provides a root barrier. When you edge near or around flower beds, you are helping to prevent weeds or grass from spreading into these areas. This helps ensure that the root system of the items planted in the flower bed are not taken over by grasses and weeds that guzzle the water, helping your plants to thrive. It also cuts back on the time you will spend pulling weeds or grass out of your flower beds in the future.

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