If the mulch around your flowerbeds and trees is old, it can look dingy and worn. This decreases your curb appeal. However, in addition to looking bad, it also decreases the benefits associated with laying mulch. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of your old mulch and lay fresh new mulch for a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits to adding new mulch in the spring.

Helps Plants Retain Water During the Hot Summer Months

As it starts to heat up, the sun will start to cause water to evaporate. This means your plants may have trouble retaining water or getting enough to drink before the water dries up. Mulch helps add a layer between the sun and the water, helping your plants to retain this water. Installing mulch before the temperatures increase helps to ensure your plants will have the moisture they need to thrive.

Helps to Minimize Weed Growth

Pulling weeds is not a task that most people enjoy. However, if you have flower beds, there are always going to be weeds. Laying mulch can help minimize the amount of weeds that sprout though. The mulch helps to decrease the amount of seeds that make their way to the soil and help decrease the chances of the weeds getting the sunlight they need to sprout. And since most weeds begin to sprout in the spring, laying mulch to control these weeds during this time frame is wise.

Helps to Add Color to Your Yard

The last benefit to adding mulch to your yard in the spring is that it can give it a nice pop of color. Rain, snow and ice can all cause your old mulch and wood chips to lose their color. This can make them look dull and boring. Adding new mulch in the spring brings in a new vibrant color, perfect for this time of year.

There are many benefits to adding mulch to your outdoor space this spring. If you are looking to have it done, but don't have the time to do it yourself, contact Property Maintenance Co. We are a landscaping company dedicated to maintaining your yard. We can help with one time projects such as tree trimming or laying mulch, or offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services. Give us a call today to find out how we can improve the appearance of your yard and keep it looking great.