Spring has sprung. And with that, it is time to start thinking about your landscaping once again. One of the landscaping tasks that should be done in the spring is tree pruning. However, you may find yourself asking why and if it really matters what season you have your tree pruned during. Learning about the benefits will help you to better understand the importance of pruning your trees during spring.

Remove Winter’s Damage

One of the biggest benefits of tree trimming and pruning in spring is that you get the opportunity to remove any damage done to the tree during winter. Heavy amounts of snow and ice may have weakened limbs or branches. After the ice and snow has begun to melt away, a professional can examine the tree and remove any of these damaged limbs. When a limb is damaged, it can break off and fall on its own. However, this can be harmful to the tree and anyone or anything directly below the tree. Removing the damage in a controlled environment is best.

Resilience to Wounds during Spring

When it is cold out, your trees are in a slow period of growth. They are basically hibernating. When it gets warm out, they spring back to life and are in full growth mood. When they are in those mood, they heal faster than when they are in a no-growth phase. Unfortunately, when trimming or pruning is done, some wounds may occur to the tree and they may leak sap, which is the equivalent of them bleeding. These wounds heal faster in spring, than they do in late summer through winter, making spring the perfect time to prune for fast healing.

Make Way for New Growth

The last benefit to tree trimming or pruning in spring is that you make way for new growth. If old leaves or dead growth remains on your tree, it can impede the growth of new buds. Since most buds begin to form in mid to late spring, you want to prune and trim in early spring to maximize the amount of growth on your tree. This can help your tree to grow as it should, as well as helping it to look full and healthy.

Spring is here, which means now is the perfect time to begin to think about pruning your trees. Schedule an appointment today by giving Property Maintenance Co a call at (651) 776-6613. We can help you with all of your landscaping needs including raking, edging, pruning, tree trimming, mowing, bagging and fertilizing.