Part of creating a beautiful lawn is the thought that you'll be able to pass the view to your children one day. Make your lawn more sustainable by implementing eco-friendly alternatives to normal lawn design and care that will keep the grass, the planet, and your wallet green.

Switch to Native Plant Varieties

Grass, shrubs, and other plants that come from the natural world around your home have survived by adapting to the rhythms in the environment. On the other hand, imported species like the popular Kentucky Bluegrass can require an inordinate amount of care in order to successfully grow. You may not be as fond of the local floras' look, but you'll do your wallet and the environment a favor by working with them to create your lawn.

Return Yard 'Waste' as a Mulch Layer

Don't throw out those yard clippings! Returning mulch to the yard reintroduces nutrients that were used in the creation of the now-deceased stalks and leaves, keeping the yard greener and cutting down on your need for fertilizers.

Give Up the Gas and Use a Push Reel Mower

Gas-powered lawn mowers use a surprising amount of fuel while producing airborne pollutants at a rate that is comparable to modern automobiles. For most yards, a manually powered push reel mower can easily handle grass trimming at the cost of a brief morning walk through your own yard. Like their larger cousins, push reel mowers can be equipped with a bag to catch clippings for your mulch pile.

Take Out Weeds by Hand

Chemical weed killers are effective at their job, but they can harm the long-term health of your plants and lawns if the invader isn't located in a convenient sea of concrete. Instead, dig up the roots by hand while you're doing your usual lawn maintenance. One way to reduce the amount of weeding you have to do is to let your grass stay tall and healthy to block the unwanted seeds from sprouting.

Maintain Your Lawn Vigilantly

Mowing, weeding, and everything else that you do to keep your yard healthy will pay you back by allowing your lawn to grow healthily. A robust lawn is more resistant to periods of drought and disruptive pests like rambunctious kids and grandchildren. If your schedule is too busy to keep up your yard properly, look for a professional landscaping company to give it the delicate touch that it deserves.