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Our Story

Our Story

We are a full-service grounds maintenance company located in St. Paul, MN. Since 1975, we have been providing our clients with a complete range of professional outdoor maintenance solutions throughout the year.

Jim Davis, our founder, has been passionately maintaining grounds in the Minneapolis and St Paul metro area for over 40 years. Always an outdoor person, Jim lived amid four acres growing up and has swung and ax since he was twelve. "I find calm in nature," Jim says, "and I want to share that sense of peace and beauty with others through natural, sustainable landscapes." 

So why should you choose Property Maintenance Co.?

  • We have a professional, courteous staff with years of experience. We get the job done right, and we work through all four seasons.
  • Our goal is to maintain natural, sustainable landscapes efficiently and cost effectively.
  • We can customize any of our services to meet your needs. From a grand arboretum to a small flower garden, we can make anything happen!
  • Additional services include landscaping, shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, shredded mulch, rock, seed, retaining walls, pavers, decorative rock, landscape edging and much more.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority. We promote the natural beauty of your landscape, and follow an eco-friendly philosophy in all that we do.

Why Choose Us?

  • We take pride in what we do
  • We promote nature’s beauty
  • We adopt new proven methods
  • My team is courteous & professional
  • I’m accessible via phone anytime
  • We get it done right the first time
  • I work with my staff - first-hand quality control
  • We’re old school about responsibility
  • Our priority is your satisfaction
  • We’re your personal grounds keepers